Make your drive less stressful with these 6 tips

Make your drive less stressful with these 6 tips


26 Feb, 2021

There’s nothing quite like the love/hate relationship we all have with driving. Getting out on the open road can be exhilarating, but when you have to traverse traffic, bad drivers, and construction zones, the fun tends to slide away. So, how can we help bring back that calm, fun driving feeling? Let’s see if the following tips will help make your next trip a bit more stress free.   

Don’t be late

Being late isn’t very fashionable, and nothing can add stress to your drive, like procrastinating your departure. Instead of speeding to your destination to beat the clock, leave early. If you give yourself plenty of time to arrive, you’ll probably drive slower and feel less panicked. Equaling a more pleasurable drive with much less stress.

Listen to an audiobook

Shelve the heavy metal for a bit and opt for an audiobook. A good book can help keep you entertained as you make your way through traffic without getting you too excited. Music is great, but sometimes to keep your blood pressure low, a calm audio environment is just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t speed

Pretending you’re in a race with every other driver on the road is not only stress-inducing, but it’s also dangerous. Bring your stress level down by going the speed limit. If you leave early, as previously mentioned, you won’t have to speed. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

Bring activities for your children

In our modern world, most children already have devices to distract them. But if they don’t, make sure you bring activities for them to do while you drive. A car full of noisy kids isn’t a recipe for a calm trip. Bonus tip: Activities that don’t produce noise are ideal.

Go off the beaten path

One way to avoid the most stressful part of driving, traffic, is by sidestepping it altogether. Forgo the route that takes you through the busiest part of town and instead try a more rural course. Again, if you consider time, a trip away from the crowds can not only be less stressful, it can be calming.

Avoid driving

Obvious, yes, but try carpooling or have your spouse take the wheel. One caveat to this tip, choose a good driver. Getting in the passenger seat with a bad driver can cause more stress than you need.

We do have one more tip. To reduce your car-related stress bring it in for an inspection. We’ll make sure your car is ready for any trip. Because breaking down is never a calming event.

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