5 Sins of Car Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

5 Sins of Car Maintenance and How to Avoid Them


10 Feb, 2021


We rely on our vehicles in all parts of our lives. From commuting to work to dropping the kids off at school to picking up groceries at the local market, we need transportation. But unfortunately, we take our cars for granted until we no longer have access to them. Enter the dreaded sins of car maintenance. Or better yet, the lack thereof. When you ignore these essential tasks, they can become pure evil.  Not just for your checkbook, but for your safety as well. Avoid these dastardly oversights and keep your car running smooth.

Ignoring warning lights

For many, the first warning light that comes to mind is the check engine notification. By now, most of us know we shouldn’t disregard this vital warning light. However, the warning light roster doesn’t stop at check engine. Regardless of if it’s the engine temperature, oil pressure, or the low tire pressure light, take notice. The best way to avoid trouble is to make an appointment with a respected mechanic as soon as the light illuminates.

Not changing your car’s oil

You’re probably a busy professional with family obligations and more tasks to complete than you can count. It’s still not an excuse to put off an oil change. There may not be a more impactful car maintenance activity than an oil change. Relatively inexpensive to perform, not changing your oil can become a costly fix down the road. The remedy? Follow your car manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes.

What air filter?

Sometimes it seems like a maintenance throw-in, but it’s not. Primarily, an air filter helps reduce pollutants from entering your car’s cabin. Unfortunately, an old filter not only fails at its primary job function, but it also can lead to an expensive fix. A clogged-up air filter can harm your AC unit, which isn’t a cheap repair. The solution? Follow your car manufacturers’ air filter replacement schedule: usually 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Squeaky brakes

Squeaking is not part of a brake system's regular function.  If it sounds like your brake pads are trying to hit a high note, don't waste a moment. Make an appointment with a garage and have your brake pads inspected. It’s not a cheap fix, but beyond money, allowing your brakes to degrade beyond their life is a safety issue. Never take chances with your brake system.

Not rotating your tires

Tires wear differently depending on their location. If you leave your tires in the same location on your car, the high wear areas will shorten their lifetime. The fix is easy, rotate your tires. Tire rotation is a little involved for a DIY project, so once again, go to your local garage. Try to have your tires rotated around every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Now that you know the five sins of car maintenance, and how to avoid them, one last piece of advice. If you want to truly keep those maintenance misdeeds at bay, contact us. We will make sure your car stays maintenance sin-free.

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