How Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

How Regular Maintenance Saves You Money


12 Mar, 2021

Are you the type of car owner who uses the oil change reminder sticker as a rough guide versus maintenance gospel? Well, you’re not alone. When it comes to regular vehicle maintenance many drivers decide to opt for the wait and see approach rather than keeping on top of it. Unfortunately, putting off those routine repairs can set your checkbook back in the future. Ignoring your car’s maintenance schedule may seem harmless at the time, but as the days, weeks and months pass by, the wear and tear can harm your car’s performance and decrease its life. Here are three ways regular maintenance can save you money in the short and long term. Improves gas mileage and performance If you haven’t made a trip to your local garage in a while, you may notice your car is falling short of its previous performance. Ignoring your car’s regular maintenance schedule can leave your car feeling sluggish and worse yet, cost you more at the pump. How can you avoid this issue? Quite easily by following the prescribed maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s manual. From oil changes to tune ups to rotating tires, there’s a reason your car’s manufacturer recommends these maintenance tasks. Avoid catastrophic repairs Something as simple as a worn belt can cost you dearly if you ignore changing it. In some cases, a broken timing belt can end up destroying your car’s engine. A great example of how a relatively inexpensive item can cause a major repair. Speaking of engine issues, if you decide to ignore the oil change sticker, you are playing a serious game of chance with your car’s power plant. Why? Old oil becomes less effective in protecting an engine’s parts from the extreme heat that occurs when your car is operating. Putting off an oil change for too long will once again lead to engine failure. And no one wants that. Extends your vehicle’s life You want your car to be a reliable form of transportation for many years, but if you ignore routine maintenance, the chances this will come to fruition drops dramatically. There are many vital parts in your car that need to be routinely checked and, in some cases, replaced. Failure to act early during this repair cycle can significantly reduce your car’s effectiveness and life expectancy. Repairs can be costly enough but replacing an entire vehicle can cause extreme financial duress. No matter how insignificant a repair may seem, don’t put it off. You now understand that regular maintenance is vital in keeping your car running in tip-top shape. Saving you money now and in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your vehicle’s next maintenance appointment and give your checking account a break.

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