Symptoms of Unbalanced Wheels

Symptoms of Unbalanced Wheels


17 Jan, 2023

Having your wheels balanced is so important as it ensures good vehicle performance, prolonged tire life, and improved road safety. However, your vehicle’s wheels can go out of balance over time.

Let’s walk you through the possible symptoms of wheel imbalance and what you can do to resolve the problem.


Vibration in the steering wheel, floor, or seat is the first and most common sign of unbalanced wheels. If the imbalance is very severe, the whole vehicle will vibrate. The vibration is most noticeable when traveling at high speeds. If the wheels are not adjusted in time, they can affect your driving experience and even cause an accident.

Uneven Tire Wear

A simple visual inspection of your tires will indicate whether or not your wheels are correctly balanced and aligned. Unbalanced wheels will cause tires to wear out along the edges, instead of wearing out across the tread. You should take this symptom seriously if you want to avoid dangerous driving situations and tire replacement costs. Remember, uneven tire wear increases the risk of having a flat tire or even tire cupping. If you notice uneven tire wear, be sure to check into a nearby auto repair shop and have your tires balanced.

Steering Problems

When your wheels are unbalanced, you’ll experience problems with steering. The steering wheel may tilt off-center when you’re driving, making it difficult to steer smoothly in a given direction. This may also delay the response time, thereby increasing the possibility of facing car accidents. If you notice steering issues while you’re driving, you should visit a trusted auto repair shop for wheel alignment.

You Hear Noises

One of the earliest signs of unbalanced wheels is unusual noises when you drive. These noises stem from the vibrations in your car. Unbalanced wheels often squeal, hum, or buzz as you drive along. This noise may increase with speed. If the imbalance goes unchecked for a while, it will reduce your driving experience and cause significant damage to other components of your car.

Your Vehicle Pulls To One Side

If your wheels are out of balance, your vehicle may pull to one side when you are driving. This is a very dangerous situation that you want to avoid. Make sure you visit an auto repair expert as soon as possible and let them inspect your vehicle and make recommendations.

Poor Fuel Economy

When you drive a vehicle with unbalanced wheels, this puts more stress on the engine because it has to work hard to keep your vehicle in motion. As a result, the engine requires more fuel to move the vehicle forward. If you find that you’re making more stops at a filling station than usual, you need to visit auto repair professionals and have them inspect your vehicle and provide recommendations.

Wheel Alignment Service Near You

Have you noticed signs of wheel balancing and alignment issues in your car? Visit Chloe’s Auto Repair today and let us help you out. Our team of experienced mechanics will make sure your wheels and tires are well balanced and aligned, so you know you’re safe on the road.

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