Explaining the Collision Repair Process

Explaining the Collision Repair Process


09 Jan, 2023

When your car is damaged in a vehicular accident, you’ll need to find a trusted auto repair shop to repair it and restore it to its pre-collision condition. However, the collision repair process can sometimes be confusing for someone who’s not familiar with collision repairs. At Chloe’s Auto Repair, we understand the collision repair process inside out because it’s one of the areas we specialize in. Knowing what goes into the collision repair process gives you a better understanding of the potential costs involved in the restoration of a damaged car.

In this guide, we will outline the steps involved in the collision repair process.

Initial Repair Estimate

The collision repair process starts with a thorough inspection of the damaged vehicle to determine what needs to be repaired. The auto repair shop will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of repairs. This information will then be forwarded to the insurance company and the customer.

Auto Disassembly

The insurance company may make a request for disassembly of the vehicle to ensure the damage has been correctly documented.                                                               


Once the insurance company approves the repairs, the auto repair shop will begin the actual repair process. They will order the required vehicle parts and carry out the necessary mechanical and structural repairs. The experts will utilize an electronic measuring system to ensure the repairs are in line with factory specifications.

Body Refinishing

Once the repair process is complete, the mechanics carry out body refinishing, which includes dent repair, sanding, and restoring the final molding and detailed pieces. From here, the mechanics will prepare the vehicle for painting. The auto repair team prepares the panels for painting before priming and sealing. Then the vehicle is repainted.

Auto Reassembly

After the painting process is over and the paint is cured, every piece and part of your vehicle will be restored to its proper location. This is a meticulous process that must be done with a high level of attention to detail because a simple mistake can jeopardize your car’s driving safety and cause more problems. This is another reason why you should work with a reputable auto repair shop for collision repair.

Quality Control Inspection and Pickup

Finally, the auto repair team will perform a comprehensive quality control inspection of your vehicle to ensure there are no driving problems. This may include a test drive and a scan of the vehicle’s electronic components to ensure everything is working properly.

Begin the Collision Repair Process at Chloe's Auto Repair

If your car has been damaged in an auto accident and you’re looking for a trusted auto repair shop to help you with collision repair, reach out to Chloe’s Auto Repair. We are a professional auto repair and tire shop that you can rely on for all of your auto repair needs. From collision repair to engine repair, AC repair, clutch repair, tire and wheel alignment, radiator repair, pre-purchase inspection, and minor tune-ups, we do it all.

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