Is It Safe to Drive with Your Oil Light On?

Is It Safe to Drive with Your Oil Light On?


24 May, 2023

Is It Safe to Drive with Your Oil Light On?

Your vehicle’s dashboard has a series of warning lights, including an oil pressure light that illuminates when the oil pressure is low. If your oil light comes on, it can be a bit of a panic, especially if you’re a new driver. What does the oil light coming on mean? Why is the oil light on? Is it safe to drive my car with the oil light on? In this article, we will answer all of these questions and advise you on what to do when the oil light comes on.

Can You Drive With The Oil Light On?

To make this quick, the answer is NO. It’s not safe to drive with the oil light on. Continuing to drive with the oil light on can cause serious engine damage and even an accident if your vehicle suddenly stops as a result of engine failure. The main role of engine oil is to lubricate moving parts, thereby reducing friction. If there is not enough oil, the engine components may not receive proper lubrication, resulting in increased friction, heat, and potential damage. If the oil light comes on, it’s advisable to pull over safely and check the oil level. If it’s significantly low, add more oil according to your vehicle’s specifications. Even if the light goes off after you’ve added oil, it’s still advisable to call a trusted auto repair shop to inspect your vehicle and provide you with recommendations.

Possible Reasons Your Vehicle’s Oil Light Is On

  • Low oil level

The oil light will illuminate whenever the oil drops below the minimum required level. Just like other fluids that keep your car healthy, the oil level will decrease over time.

  • Low oil pressure

This problem is directly related to low oil level. When the oil level drops below the recommended level, the oil pump won’t circulate enough oil to keep the moving parts lubricated.

  • Faulty oil pump

The oil pump circulates oil throughout the engine, and oil pump failure will lead to reduced oil pressure. A faulty oil pump is commonly accompanied by increased engine temperature and noise from the valve train.

  • Faulty oil pressure sensor

As the name suggests, an oil pressure sensor is a device that monitors an engine’s oil pressure. If this device malfunctions, it may give inaccurate readings and falsely indicate low oil pressure.

  • A clogged oil filter

A clogged oil filter can restrict the flow of oil, leading to decreased oil pressure. Many manufacturers recommend that the oil filter be replaced every second time you get an oil change.

How Long Can You Drive With Oil Light On?

It is not advisable to drive with the oil light on for an extended period. If you’re driving on the highway, it’s best to find a safe place to stop and have your car checked out. As we’ve already mentioned, driving with the oil light on can result in severe engine damage, so it’s best to avoid it if possible.

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