Driving Can Reduce Stress, Really

Driving Can Reduce Stress, Really


27 Apr, 2021

Rarely do words like “serenity” and “peace” pop in your head when you think of driving. Images of navigating rush hour traffic on the way to work probably come to mind. Or even an unnecessarily action-packed trip to the grocery store that feels more like a road race. But really, driving can be stress-reducing. How can something that can cause so much anxiety be calming? We’ll take a look.

Location, location, location

We’ll steal a real estate adage for explaining how important location is for a stress-reducing drive. Choosing the same route you travel to work daily is probably a bad idea. You want to opt for a stretch of road that has less congestion and traffic lights. Avoiding the lane-changing madness of a freeway is probably another wise idea. Locate a nice long run of country or suburban road, and drive.

Me time

As cliché as it sounds, you can get some real quality me time when you go for a drive.  It’s just you and the road. A little alone time can go a long way in calming nerves. (Obviously, this only counts if you drive by yourself).

You’ll get out of the house

Especially after the past year, getting out of your house is a blessing. However, regardless of the challenges of the pandemic, your stresses are usually centered at your home and/or workplace anyway.  Just experiencing a change of scenery can help clear your mind and calm your nerves. So, leave your house in your rearview mirror and find your inner driving peace.

A break from screens

Going on a leisurely drive can give you a nice break from your phone, laptop, TV, and the myriad other glowing electronics in your life. There is a caveat; you have to stay off your phone. Beyond the safety implications of texting or browsing, while you drive, it also adds back the stress you’re trying to relieve. Put your phone away and enjoy being on the open road. You can worry about that work email later.

Now that you see the benefits of going on a drive, there’s another excellent way to cut back on your car-related stress. Please schedule an appointment with us to make sure your car is ready for that leisurely drive. The stress-reducing component of going for a drive goes away if you have car troubles.

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