Be an idol by not allowing your car to idle

Be an idol by not allowing your car to idle


20 May, 2021

Your car can be like a home away from home. So, sitting in it from time to time while it's running seems like a no-brainer. If it's cold out, a running car can keep you warm while waiting, and when it's scorching, the AC will cool you off. However, letting your car idle is detrimental not only to your vehicle but also to the environment. Not thoroughly convinced yet? Here's the case to keep your vehicle moving while it's running. 

First, let's bust a myth.

It's a scenario that plays out any location that gets cold in the winter. Before heading out to work or taking the kids to school, you start your car to warm it up before your trip. Sorry to inform you, but this is unnecessary. Modern vehicles, post-1980's, are equipped with fuel injectors that feature sensors that acclimate to cold weather. Furthermore, your car will warm up faster when it's moving. So, next winter, go ahead and kick this habit to the curb. 

Idling is bad for your car's engine.

This point has its dissenters. However, an engine performs best when it's running at its peak. In other words, when it's making your vehicle travel. When it idles, the fuel may not combust efficiently, leaving behind residue. Especially in colder weather, this could lead to cylinder wall deterioration due to the extra work the engine has to perform to warm up.    

Fumes are not pleasant.

Fumes are unhealthy, and they don't smell that great either. Like magic, turning off your car stops the unpleasantness, leading to better health, less smell, and a healthier engine. Oh, and see below.

Idling is bad for the environment.

Did you know that for every gallon of gas your vehicle burns, about 20 pounds of greenhouse gases are produced? When you're trying to reach a necessary appointment, work, or pick up the kids at soccer practice, it's one thing. But when you're waiting outside with your car running, for no reason, it's another. Follow the 10-second rule; if you feel you'll have to wait longer than 10 seconds, turn off your car. Contrary to belief, turning off your vehicle isn't more harmful than idling. Opt for off instead of idle. 

We know idling is part of the driving process. You'll have to stop at lights, and sometimes traffic congestion can make moving nearly impossible. But reducing your vehicle's idle time can make a significant impact on its performance and even the environment. 

Speaking of performance, if you think your car isn't running like it used to, schedule an appointment today. 

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