Best Winter Road Trips to Take in Georgia

Best Winter Road Trips to Take in Georgia


19 Nov, 2019

Thanks to Georgia’s fairly mild winters (most of the time!), the air is crisp enough for a jacket, but not bad enough to keep you locked indoors. With the fresh breeze of cold after a colorful autumn, winter is a perfect opportunity to slip out and go on an adventure! Here are several road trip suggestions: Lake Oconee, Greensboro, Georgia While it may be too cold to swim, you will be welcomed by a beautiful view and quaint lodging experiences. While there is a lot to do at the lake during the warmer months, you’ll mostly be left alone to go hiking and maybe even lounge around a campfire in peace. Chattahoochee National Forest, Dawsonville, Georgia Smack dab in the middle of the forest is Len Foote Hike Inn, which may not sound uniquely exciting right off the bat, but the trick is: you have to hike five miles to get to this secluded, eco-friendly, anti-cell phone lodge. There are more trails to hike, board games, musical instruments, and books available to keep you entertained, and the meals are served the old-fashioned family style way. So, if you’re ready to road trip to the gorgeous forest and stay a night or two, give it a go! Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Resorts and Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia This is a seasonal event, but you know if it involves holiday lights and trees, it’s going to be breathtaking. The lights are just across the street from F.D. Roosevelt State Park, and within a close driving distance is the Wild Animal Safari, National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, the Hills and Dales Estate, and the Biblical History Museum for everyone to explore. The Fantasy in Lights is only open November 15th through January 4th, so be sure to get your tickets and lodgings quickly! Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia With over 3,200 acres, this is one of Georgia’s most visited attractions. It has a variety of attractions and events, including a laser show, a history center, a scenic railroad trip, a hike through the trees (you read that right!), and in the winter time, there is Snow Mountain, which runs from the beginning of November to mid-February with artificially created snow for hours of tubing and sledding. Georgia is a gorgeous state with lots of history and an abundance of different things to do. Enjoy the scenery, the wild, a hot beverage, a party – anything fun and comforting with family and friends. Hop in your car and make sure you’ve packed all of your road trip essentials.

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