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Best Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

Best Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts


04 Dec, 2019

Gift giving can be one of the most stressful things during the holidays, and when you throw all the shopping that needs to be done (often last minute, if we're honest) onto parties and decorating and work chaos... Yikes! What’s even more stressful is when the person you would like to give a gift to doesn’t have a list of wants or needs for said gift, and you’re left screaming into the abyss of endless possibilities. The good news is that, should you find yourself shopping for an avid auto enthusiast, then we’re here to help! Check out this list of gift ideas for any car-lover. 1. Drop Wipes. These might sound funny, but have you ever rolled out of a car wash with your vehicle looking brand spanking new? It’s a good feeling. Then all of a sudden, as if there were a target painted on the top of your car, a vengeful bird drops one. That’s where these wipes come in handy! They clean up the mess without leaving water marks or damaging the finish. 2. Jump Starter Packs. These go by different names, but the foundation is all the same: it’s a compact battery with enough juice to rev up your dead engine. They come with the regular red and black cables for easy hook up, and they also come with different amps of power for bigger vehicles. 3. Car Organizer. These can be small, with only a single net bag, or can be larger with multiple pockets that hang on the back of the front driver or passenger seats, and can hold anything from snacks to cleaning supplies to toys for kiddos. 4. Books. Ironically enough, a book could be a great gift for an auto-adoree; there are books on hidden wonders in your county, state, and country -- perfect for road trips. There are photo books of tricked out, freshly painted, brand new, beautiful cars, and there are photo books of cars that have been used and sometimes even abused, which have an eerily beautiful appeal. Even history books on favorite vehicles! There is no real limit. 5. Electronic accessories. These can be anything from a backup camera for vehicles built before these cameras were federally mandated, a magnetic dash mount for your phone, or a bluetooth adapter for long road trips! All three of these things are great to have on any regular basis, so keep your eyes peeled for what the person you’re shopping for might already have. Here’s to hoping that this eases some of that holiday stress. Be safe, and Happy Holidays! Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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