5 Car Repair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

5 Car Repair Myths You Need to Stop Believing


26 May, 2020

Myths permeate our lives in just about every area, and that of course includes the world of car repair.  Some of these fallacies are harmless, while others can needlessly drain your checking account and possibly even damage your vehicle. How can you differentiate between good car repair advice from myth? We are going to lend a helping hand by providing you five of these myths that persist.

High octane gas equals better engine performance

If you are driving a high-end sports or luxury car, then utilizing premium gas is a good idea—if recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. However, most cars are not equipped with engines that require this more expensive fuel. So, don’t waste your money at the pump, instead choose the lower octane gas. Your car will run fine, and over time you, will save tons of cash.

Change your car’s oil every 3000 miles

The 3000-mile oil change seems like it’s been around forever, and that’s why it’s no longer valid. Advanced engine design has pretty much eradicated this outdated suggestion. Most cars can go at least 5000 miles between oil changes, and in some cases, even more. Save your money and stop the 3000-mile oil change myth.  As always, refer to your automobile’s owner’s manual for the recommended oil change guidelines.

Using an independent mechanic will void your car’s warranty

Don’t believe the dealership hype. Your vehicle’s warranty will remain valid if you decide to take it to an independent mechanic. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects you legally if you forgo the dealership’s repair services. However, in some cases the manufacturer can dictate where you can receive free repairs under warranty. But voiding the warranty, that’s a big no.

DIY is better than a mechanic

You may be good, but you’re probably not that good. Taking your vehicle to a licensed professional is always a better idea. A car-repair expert will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly service your vehicle. A professional mechanic can perform a specific repair and thoroughly check your vehicle for other issues. Preventing a possible costly future repair. Additionally, do you want to waste your weekends doing car repair? Nah, let a pro do it and instead catch the big game.

Modern cars don’t need maintenance

Technology has indeed changed how we maintain our cars, but it hasn’t eradicated it. Making sure you stick to a regular maintenance plan will extend your car’s life and, in the long run, save you money. So, since we still haven’t developed the self-maintaining car, schedule an appointment today and keep your beloved automobile performing at its best.

Say goodbye to these five car-repair myths for good and save time and money. Your car will remain at its top form, and you’ll keep your sanity. Everyone wins.

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