Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Tips for Safe Winter Driving


27 Dec, 2022

Driving in winter can be a challenge, especially on snow-covered roads. Preparing yourself and your vehicle for winter driving is essential. At Chloe’s Auto Repair, we know a thing or two about winter driving safety. In this article, we will outline the top six winter weather driving tips.

Invest In Winter Tires

Also known as snow tires, winter tires are engineered to perform optimally in cold weather, snowy, and icy conditions. These tires are characterized by deeper tread depths, narrow cuts built into the tread, a series of zig-zag grooves covering the tread, and a special rubber composition. All of these characteristics help to improve traction in the snow, enhance vehicle stability in snowy conditions, and reduce the chances of skidding on a snowy road. If you regularly drive in winter, it’s a good idea to invest in winter tires. Their higher traction capabilities allow you to maintain control of your vehicle on snowy and icy roads and improve vehicle handling and braking.

Know When To Use Fog Lights

Fog lights come in handy when visibility on the road is seriously impaired. However, these lights can be a danger to yourself and other drivers. Fog lights should only be used when your visibility is severely reduced.

Drive Slowly

The key to safe driving during the winter is to drive at reduced speeds because it takes longer to accelerate, stop, and turn on snow-covered roads. When accelerating or decelerating, do it slowly to gain traction and avoid skids. Quick and jerky movements when you’re driving on snow or ice can cause you to slip, slide and even lose control of your vehicle.

Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is even more crucial in winter because driving in snowstorms and icy conditions puts an increased strain on your vehicle. Having your car serviced for winter conditions reduces chances of a breakdown and makes it easier for you to drive on snowy and icy roads. Start with simple checkpoints like tires, brakes, oil and coolant levels, transmission fluid, air filter, and headlights.

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving encompasses tactics, precautions, and driving practices that reduce the dangers associated with driving in winter. Some of the defensive strategies that will help you drive safely in the winter include:

  • Look far ahead when driving
  • Increase your following distance
  • Minimize distractions
  • Watch out for bridge, overpasses, and ramps
  • Drive super smoothly

Keep A Check On Speed

Winter driving is all about lowering your speed to account for poor traction. This allows you to control your vehicle much better on snow covered roads. Besides, keeping a check on your speed gives you enough time to respond if the car in front of you suddenly stops or crashes.

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