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03 Mar, 2019


Spring is in the air! Flowers bloom tall, bees buzz happily and birds chirp early while the human species begins engaging in massive amounts of organizing. There is something satisfying about starting fresh in the springtime; however, we often neglect one of the most important areas in which we frequently use: our car. Read on for three helpful tips for efficient spring car maintenance.

1. Remember to set your car clock forward an hour for Daylight Saving Time. March 10th marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time – meaning we have to “spring forward.” Most car clocks are still manual, so it can be easy to forget to set the time appropriately. We’ve all been there… one day, you say to yourself, “I’ll change it tomorrow.” Before you realize it, you’re weeks into springtime and are still living an hour behind – well, until you step out of your car anyway. This year, change your clock the night before Daylight Saving Time… and if you’re reading this after? Go adjust it now!

2. Clean your vehicle inside and out. “Spring cleaning” doesn’t just apply to your home – it offers a great chance to tidy your car as well. It’s time for a deep cleaning! No, a drive through the car wash and hanging up an air freshener isn’t enough (though, feel free to add both of these to your cleaning list). Break out the trash bags, vacuum and wax. If you have an emergency bag in your trunk, make sure all items are still present and aren’t passing their expiration dates. Don’t have an emergency bag? Pack one with all of the essentials – food, water, physical cash, extra shoes and any other items you need in the event of an emergency depending on where you’ll be driving this year. In addition to keeping your emergency items organized, make sure you look through your glovebox and determine which items are necessary (as well as if you’re missing any important ones).

3. Take the opportunity to follow this list of items you should have checked in your car (if you haven’t recently):

  • Oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Belts/hoses
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire tread
  • Lights (headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights)
  • Windshield wipers
  • Air filter
  • Overall condition

If you haven’t taken your car in for maintenance recently, now is the perfect time. By regularly keeping an eye on the status of your car parts and fluids, you’ll run into less surprises when something needs refilled, repaired or replaced. Plus, since many people enjoy a road trip this time of year, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape.

Are you ready to tackle your vehicle’s maintenance needs in this season of organization? When enjoying a spring break road trip in a fully updated car with a clean interior, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to have your vehicle tidied and inspected.

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