How to keep your car clean during the winter months

How to keep your car clean during the winter months


29 Dec, 2020

Keeping your car clean during the summer months is relatively easy when compared to the harshness of winter. Sure, summer can be brutally hot, but having water droplets blowing back on you at 90 degrees is much more pleasurable than 35. And unfortunately, your car isn’t going to take a break from getting dirty in the winter. The interior of your vehicle will probably require more maintenance due to the rain, mud, and up North, salt residue. Just in time, here are a few tips to help you keep your ride shiny and new for the rest of this winter season.

Wash and clean it weekly

Don’t let the winter blahs take over your car. Try to wash and clean it weekly. That means a thorough exterior and interior cleaning. Skipping weeks at a time will only make your job more difficult when you finally decide to clean your vehicle. When the wind is whipping, and it’s chilly, you want to avoid being outside for hours scrubbing your floormats and vacuuming your seats. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

Another reason not to tailgate

Obviously, tailgating is dangerous, but it also adds dirt and grime to your car. This is especially true when traveling through northern regions where ice, snow, slush, and mud are prevalent this time of year. Stay safe, keep your distance, and help keep your car cleaner. It’s a win all around.

Use high-quality wax

Before the winter driving season begins, apply high-quality wax to your car’s exterior. A good wax should last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. So, a single waxing session should sustain your vehicle throughout the winter. If you believe your car needs another coat or two during the winter, no worries, it won’t hurt to wax again. Just make sure to bundle up.

Keep water at bay with rubber mats

Water is your interior’s enemy. And one of the best ways to keep this enemy at the gate is with a good set of rubber floormats. They will protect your vehicle’s floors from water damage and stains from mud and dirt.

Store or cover your car

The best way to keep your car clean during the winter months, don’t drive it. This may not be a possibility if your vehicle is your primary means of transportation. However, if you have a car you want to protect from the harshness of winter driving, consider storing it for the season. If your car is parked outdoors, a cover is a wise choice. 

Cleaning your car may not be as much fun during the winter, but it’s still necessary. Possibly even more so than during the pleasant weather seasons. So, keep up with your cleaning schedule and enjoy a sparkling, clean car this winter.

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