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How NOT to Drive (Tips for the Road)

How NOT to Drive (Tips for the Road)


24 Jan, 2020

One of the most memorable moments in a teenager’s life is receiving a passing grade on the driver license exam. It’s when hours of practice pay off with a ticket to freedom. Unfortunately, just because someone passes a driving test it doesn’t mean they can handle a vehicle properly. Once they hit the open road a series of bad habits begin to form and before you know it, they are wreaking havoc on the highways and local side roads. If you are trying to determine if you are one of those drivers here is a list of ways not to drive. Driving slow in the left lane You know this driver. The speed limit is 70 but the left lane slowpoke decides to hold up traffic by attempting to match the top speeds of a horse and carriage. It’s not only frustrating it’s also dangerous. In 2014, Georgia enacted the “Slowpoke Law” that requires left lane travelers to kick the slow as molasses driving to the curb for good. The law specifically targets the leisurely left lane drivers who are holding up faster approaching vehicles. So be on notice other states are considering this same law. Being allergic to using a blinker One of the most impactful automobile-centric inventions was the blinker. A cool device that allows drivers to signal which way they are about to turn. There is one caveat though, it actually has to be used to work properly. According the Society of Automotive Engineers, failing to use a turn signal leads to 2 million accidents annually. Remember, your fellow drivers aren’t telepathic. A single up or down hand motion on a lever is all it takes. Tailgating Not the social gathering at a sporting event where people enjoy grilled foods and adult beverages, but the act of driving too closely in which you don’t provide a safe distance to stop. You know when the car behind you is practically in your trunk. So, how can you avoid being a tailgater? Follow a simple rule: leave at least 3 seconds between you and the next car. When you are driving in inclement weather double the rule to 6 seconds. Sending texts Smartphones are handy inventions, but they aren’t very cool when they are being used by someone operating a vehicle. A driver distracted by his smartphone usually weaves side to side almost as if traversing a maneuverability course that no one else can see. Don’t be this person. No text or email is that important. Wait until you are safely parked and then access your smartphone. A driver license may feel like a ticket to freedom, especially when you are 16. But remember with that freedom comes great responsibility. Do your duty by not becoming a bad driver and please stay out of the left lane when you are driving slowly. It really is annoying.

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