Extend your car’s life with these simple tips

Extend your car’s life with these simple tips


12 Jan, 2021

You want your car to last for years, but you don’t have the budget, know-how, or time to perform sophisticated fixes on your own. Good news. You don’t have to be a certified mechanic to extend the life of your car. Some simple tweaks and tips can help you get the most from your vehicle without breaking the bank or inspiring a trip to the repair shop. Some are more involved than others, but a little effort will pay off.

Read the owner’s manual

That book in your glove compartment comes with your car for a reason. It’s meant to be read and used as reference when you maintain, and/or, fix your car. Leaving it in your car to age gracefully without ever being cracked open is not a good idea. Use it.

Wash your car

Washing your car is more than a trip to vanity lane. Properly washing and waxing your car can extend the life of the exterior by staving off the harmful effects of the sun and other road hazards like rock salt. Plus, you want your ride to look good while you are cruising around town.

Windshield wipers

Changing your windshield wipers when they are worn is vital. Traveling through rain or snow with bad wipers is a dangerous proposition. Don’t wait until your car’s wipers are torn and tattered. Be proactive and change them as soon as performance starts to fade.

Check your washer fluid

It doesn’t get much easier than checking your washer fluid. Locate the reservoir that has the windshield graphic. Just simply place quality windshield washer fluid up to the fill line and voila, you’ll be able to keep your windows clear while you are driving.

Drive safely

Driving safely has many benefits. Obviously, following traffic laws will keep you physically safer but it also provides benefits for your car as well. How so? Well for instance, hard stops and quick acceleration can lead to unnecessary wear on your engine, brakes, and tires. So, another win for driving safe and smart.

Don’t ignore warning lights

Okay this one may end with a trip to the garage, but it’s vital. When a warning indicator lights up, this means there is an issue. This can include the check engine light, which may need the attention of a mechanic, to something you can fix yourself such as low tire pressure. Regardless, act as soon as possible.

Locate a reputable mechanic

No matter your level of car expertise, eventually you will require the services of a mechanic. Find one with good reviews and offers everything your vehicle will need. If you’re in the Woodstock, Georgia area give us a try. You can contact us here. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary service.  

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