Electric vehicles, are they right for you?

Electric vehicles, are they right for you?


12 Oct, 2020

You're about to begin a long road trip, but before you go, a trek to the gas station for a fill-up is a necessity. If only there were another option. Well, as you probably know, there is. Electric vehicles, or EVs, can help you avoid the gas station for good. Sounds great, but is an EV a good option for your driving needs? Additionally, will they fit into your budget? We will take a closer look at these cutting-edge vehicles and attempt to guide you to make a well-thought-out decision. 


You most likely have noticed that EVs tend to be pricier than their gas and diesel counterparts. There is one easy reason why this is the case. It comes down to the driving force of an EV, the battery. Improved performance demands from consumers have prompted manufacturers to utilize lithium-ion batteries. The conversion process that makes raw lithium usable is time-consuming and expensive. The big question, will the future fuel savings make up for the additional cost of the vehicle? Good news. Various calculators are available to help you decide. 


Driving range was an issue with older electronic vehicles. In the past, EVs would need to be charged after a short trip, sometimes as little as 50 miles. Thankfully with innovation comes longer single charge trips. How much improvement in trip range has occurred? Well, any modern electric vehicles can travel up to 350 miles without a visit to a charging station. Quite impressive. So, you can remove driving range from your list of concerns. 


Here's some more good news. Electric vehicle performance has improved greatly as well. However, to increase range, performance may be throttled a bit in some EVs. And if you are still looking for top-performance you'll have to part with more money. Well, tons of money. The Tesla Model S clocks an impressive 2.3 seconds 0-60 time but will set you back around $75,000. And that's just the base model. If you want great performance, without breaking the bank. A gas option might still be your best bet. 


Is there a difference in safety ratings between electric vehicles and their traditional rivals? EVs are under the same safety scrutiny as gas and diesel cars. So, if you can have peace of mind knowing the electric car you purchase is tested thoroughly like any other vehicle on the road. Furthermore, the NHTSA has found EVs are a bit safer. And don't worry about the Li-ion battery exploding or catching fire. There is a greater possibility of experiencing a fire operating a car powered by a gas engine. 

Whether you decide to purchase an electric vehicle now, or in the future, do your research, crunch the numbers and make sure these cutting-edge vehicles are the right choice for you and your family. Who knows, maybe you already made your last trip to the gas station.

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