Common Misconceptions About Buying Used Cars

Common Misconceptions About Buying Used Cars


28 Sep, 2022

The used car market is rife with myths, conflicting advice, and unfounded opinions that can make it difficult to learn the truth about used cars. If you’ve considered buying a used car at some point, chances are that you’ve heard some of the common misconceptions floating around the market. At Chloe’s Auto Repair and Tire, we know the myths that exist regarding buying used cars. In this article, we will bust six myths that you might have heard about buying used cars.

Something Is Wrong with The Car

Everyone has different reasons for selling their car. Some car owners simply want to upgrade, while others may sell because they are moving. So you should not automatically assume that used cars are not of good quality. Ensure you check the vehicle’s history report to obtain crucial information about the condition of the vehicle.

Used Cars Aren’t Fuel Efficient

It’s a terrible misconception to say used cars are not fuel-efficient. A car’s fuel consumption largely depends on the engine size and not whether the car is used or not. Although there are used cars that aren’t fuel efficient, it is possible to find a great used car with excellent fuel efficiency.

Lower Mileage Is Everything

There’s the myth among buyers that used cars with lower mileage are a good purchase compared to used cars with higher mileage. Even if a car has low mileage, if it wasn’t maintained properly, it may be prone to breakdowns. It is advisable to rely more on the vehicle’s history report than just the mileage.

Used Cars Do Not Provide Any Resale Value

Another common myth about used cars is that they don’t have any resale value. This is not true because a properly maintained vehicle will retain its resale value over time. Moreover, many factors like safety, fuel efficiency, and reliability impact the resale value of a used car. If you keep up with maintenance, you may be able to sell your used car for a decent amount of money.

You Will Not Get a Warranty When You Buy a Used Car

This is not necessarily true. An original factory warranty can still apply to a used car if it has not expired.

Paying Cash Always Gets You a Better Deal

While paying cash for a used car may save you money in financing fees and interest payments, the idea doesn’t always get you a better deal. Some car dealerships are incentivized by lenders to provide auto financing, so you are less likely to get a discount when paying cash.

We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision when it comes to buying a used car.

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