Benefits of Parking Your Car in the Garage

Benefits of Parking Your Car in the Garage


08 Feb, 2023

Parking your car in the garage seems like an outdated concept these days. However, parking your car in an open place exposes it to many risks, including theft, cosmetic damage, and vandalism. There are many benefits to parking your car in your garage. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Protection from the Elements

Rain, snow, ice, hail, extreme heat, and other elements can damage your car’s exterior. Snow, ice, or heavy rains can hurt your car’s paint job if you leave it outside for extended periods of time, and golf ball-sized hail can dent your hood or roof. Plus, dripping tree sap, bird droppings, and sticky bug residue can damage the paint. Intense direct sunlight can degrade your car’s interior components, reduce the battery’s lifespan, and cause the paint to peel. Vehicles kept in the garage are less prone to cosmetic damage that can be caused by the elements. Therefore, parking your car in the garage protects it from the elements, thereby helping to extend its lifespan and save you money on repairs.

Keeps Your Car Safe

Parking your car outside exposes it to theft and vandalism. Car theft is still a major problem across the U.S. According to car theft statistics, more than 700,000 cars are stolen every year. Your car is a huge investment and probably one of the most valuable things you own. You cannot imagine the pain that comes along with losing your car or waking up to a vandalized car. Parking your car inside a garage can significantly reduce the chances of thieves stealing or vandalizing it.

Lower Insurance Costs

Some auto insurance providers offer discounts of up to 5 percent for car owners with secure indoor parking. If you’re looking for simple ways to save money, it is worth it to find an insurance provider with this policy.

Extend the Life of the Battery

Both extreme heat and freezing weather can hurt your car battery’s performance. Extreme heat can hinder the chemical processes inside your car battery, thereby impacting its performance. On the other hand, freezing temperatures can drain your battery power by 30-60%. Parking your car in the garage shields it from temperature extremes, which helps to keep the battery in good working condition.

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