10 Jun, 2019


There is a good majority of time spent inside our vehicles — whether it’s driving to work, to the grocery store, or across the country — it’s our main form of transportation; we simply can’t avoid it. With us spending so much time in these metal vessels, we find ourselves in need of certain materials that, despite the incessant reminders from our mothers growing up, we are often still chugging along without. So, it’s time to make her (and yourself!) proud… Here is a list of five things you should always keep inside your car:

- A spare tire. Seriously, the moment you get stranded on a busy freeway, ten minutes before you’re up for a big presentation, without a spare, you will forever vow to keep one. There is usually a spare tire compartment in the trunk of your car, so you literally have no excuse not to keep one handy. You can't just have the tire, though; make sure you have the tire jack and a tire iron as well. Without this holy trinity, you'll be waiting for the next three hours for a tow truck.

- Tiny tool bag. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant like a full-sized tool box — you wouldn’t have a use for most of those tools anyway — but something small with tools like a flashlight, a tire air pressure gauge, and a wrench or two will be greatly beneficial. Keep a rag or two with the box so you can check fluids and oil if you ever find yourself over-heated (after the engine has cooled down some, of course. Don't open hot things. It's a really bad idea).

- A blanket. You never know when you'll find yourself stranded in extreme weather such as rain in the summer or snow in the winter – when help is hours away. Keep at least one heavy blanket in the trunk or the back seat of your car for easy access! Plus, you can break it out year-round when your passengers want to get cozy.

- Food and water. Obviously, you shouldn't keep something perishable hidden in your trunk, but a box of crackers and bottles of water will be a lifesaver in the event of a break down in the middle of nowhere. Always make sure you're stocked up -- especially if you know the weather could turn bad.

- Jumper cables. Especially in the winter months, when cars and their batteries are especially testy, jumper cables will be the Superman to your Lois Lane; forget waiting for the AAA guy - you got this.

Think of these things as your survival kit, because with them, you can get yourself out of most minor car situations and save yourself so much time!

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